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I am the author, creator, and Mom behind Dyslexia Mom Life.

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During a recent road trip to see your sister, your son listened to an entire book on your Audible app. He was able to tell his cousins about the book down to almost every detail about the story. You realize this would be an excellent accommodation for his classes too. Since your son is struggling […]

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It’s Monday morning, your son is already complaining about his science project due on Friday and your daughter is mad at her best friend. You just want to crawl back in bed and wake up on Friday afternoon, right? Well . . . there may be another way to get through the day, week, month, […]

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You left the house five minutes later than usual and now you have caught every red light between your house and the school and every school bus in the district has stopped in front of you . . . or at least it feels like it today. Some mornings it feels like nothing is going […]

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It’s the first few months of third grade and your daughter is struggling with language arts and math. The teacher tells you that she is very bright, but forgets the topics they have learned a few weeks ago. Homework . . . well let’s just say that it is more painful and longer than getting […]

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Thursday night studying sight words for the Friday test at school . . . sitting on the floor in tears, mother and daughter. It’s been a week of frustration because every night it is a struggle with homework. The daughter acts funny and silly some nights to avoid homework and other nights claims that she […]

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You feel frustrated and exhausted (literally most nights) before, during, and after homework with your child. The struggle is real, right? When your child is struggling to learn to read, then it impacts her schoolwork and homework. . . and to be honest, the entire family dynamics. You feel like your only option is to […]

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