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Meet Nicole

It’s Monday morning, your son is already complaining about his science project due on Friday and your daughter is mad at her best friend. You just want to crawl back in bed and wake up on Friday afternoon, right? Well . . . there may be another way to get through the day, week, month, and school year. Have you ever considered a word of the year (for the school year)?

Do you have a word of the year (instead of a New Year’s Resolution)? Did you decide on a word or phrase for the year instead of a laundry list of things (i.e. goals) you will more than likely ditch by February? Let’s be honest . . . if our goals aren’t specific with smaller goals throughout the year we don’t stick to them. But a word, that we can do! What if you and your family didn’t wait until January? What if you choose a word of the year for the school year? A word or phrase that you could focus on as a family throughout the school year.

Why choose a word for the school year?

  • Your family will begin each day with intention and a common goal
  • Provides your family a way to connect (and share your day)
  • Provides a direction for each day – accomplishments, dreams, problem solving, etc.
  • Students with dyslexia need repetition (so discussing one word and tying it to actions and decisions can really help your son or daughter problem solve)

How should you choose your word?

  • Reflection – Is there something specific you want to focus on as a family? Think about what would inspire and motivate your family. Discuss the words with your family and decide on your word for the school year.
  • Brainstorm – As a family activity, brainstorm for 5 minutes as many words as you can think of and write them on post-it notes. Post them on a wall in your home. No discussion, just post (literally on the wall with post its) as many words as you can think of during the 5 minutes. Then (after the 5 minutes), ask each person why they choose the words and why it would be a good word for your family. Divide the post-it’s into 3 lists (post on 3 different areas on the wall) yes, no, and maybe – divide up your post-it note words as you discuss the options and vote as to where to place the word. Look over the words. Does anyone want to move a word to a different list? Leave the yes list up for a few days (unless as a family you feel strongly about one word). If as a family you just can’t decide, then throw all the yes post-it’s in a small box and pick one word from the box. That is your word! But, I bet as a family you will already know what your word is after you discuss the “why” behind each of your “yes” words.

How will you use your word?

  • You can talk about your word on the way to school. How will it impact your decisions and actions today?
  • Reflect on the word at night before bed or at the dinner table. How did your word impact your day? How will you use to inspire you tomorrow? How could we have made better decisions that day while keeping to your word? Examples of better decisions we made today because of our word.

a few words to get you started





Go choose a word with your family and see how it impacts your family.

I would love to know what word you choose for the school year. Send me an email (click on “send me an email”) with your word of the school year. If share your word on Instagram with your friends and tag me at #dyslexiamomlife. (Who knows they may even be inspired to choose a word for the school year too!)

Enjoy your day – Nicole