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Does your “To Do” list look anything like this . . . you need to pick up your order at Wal-Mart pick-up, iron your child’s school clothes for the week, make lunches/snack for the day/week, wash your favorite outfit for work, pick up a card for your husband’s birthday, and on and on and on?  Being a mom (and wife) is a never-ending job, right? If we could only list all of our “mom skills” on our resume.

Do you struggle to keep it all together? (Secret – We all do. We just don’t tell anyone.)   Let me introduce you to my new best friend, Trello. Trello saves me hours each week and keeps me organized.  Thank you, Trelllo.

I still have my work appointments in my Outlook calendar and my personal planner for home.  Think birthdates, anniversaries, vacations, etc. But, when planning our daughter’s birthday or our vacation, it all goes into Trello.  I have a “board” for the big items I am planning.  This saves me hours.

Do you find yourself saying “there are just not enough hours in the day” or “I can’t possibly get all this done – ever?” Well, let’s get you organized and save you hours of time.  You can also add other people to a board.  So, if you are planning a birthday party and your sister is helping you then you can assign her tasks in Trello (like picking up decorations at Party City and send the invitations out by this Friday).

How YOU CAN SAVE HOURS with Trello

Create boards that work where you are now.  Are you planning: a birthday party, Thanksgiving dinner for a large family, moving in 3 months, or your trip to Disney for Spring Break?  Well, Trello can help you organize all of life’s events in one location.

Do you need some inspiration?  Trello has created templates that you can download and customize for your needs.

Trello Templates

So, why are you going to love Trello?

You are going to love all of the features in Trello.  They are so user-friendly.

  1. You can drop and drag your cards. Trello allows you to drag and drop your “cards” (the actual tasks from your “list” of items. So, when your dogs are literally eating Cheerios for their meal (because you keep forgetting it on your grocery order) then you need to move “purchase dog food” from your To Do List to your Must Do List. Then you can move it to your Done List. Way to go.
  2. You can be creative. You can change the picture on the background (as often as you like). There are lots of options.  You can also be creative with naming your boards and lists. Trello provides you with the option to set up multiple boards. You can have boards for work, home, family, etc.
  3. You can add as much or as little detail as you want or need.  You can add a description, checklists, due date, attachment, and add members to your task. Due dates can be great as reminders for those family reunion tasks due this Friday. You can keep any of the boards private too. It’s up to you.
  4. You can access Trello from you desktop, tablet, and phone.  You can keep your Trello board open for work on your desktop at work, jot down a To Do on your Trello app on your phone while at soccer practice, and pull up the Trello on your laptop while chatting with your sister on the phone about your family beach trip to do list.
  5. You can use Trello to create boards for any part of your life you want to plan and organize. Here are a few ways to plan with Trello: party planning, vacation planning, meal prep planning, cleaning schedule, homeschool planning, holiday shopping, projects . . . just to name a few.
  6. You can share your boards and assign tasks to others.  If you are planning a family vacation, you can add all your sisters and divide out tasks for the trip.  No more showing up at the beach and realize your sister thought you were bringing the beach chairs and you assumed she would bring them this year (like the last 3 years, right?).  Wouldn’t you rather sit in your beach chair with the water washing up on your legs instead of laying on your towel that is wet and full of sand?
  7. Trello is free. Yep, that fits the budget.

Ready to get started? Here is a quick YouTube video for you – Getting Started with Trello (4:55) It’s a really short video, so you can watch it while in carline or making dinner.

Saving you time (literally),