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With over 125 episodes and 100,000 downloads, Dyslexia Mom Life has come a long way since we first hit record in June 2020.  If you are new to the podcast, welcome, if you are already a fan of the show, thank you for being here!  

I am obsessed with educating moms about dyslexia, empowering moms to take action in their lives, and providing a safe community for moms to have real connections with other moms.   

So, I want to dive into what you can expect from this podcast as we dive into 2023 and what areas of your life are going to improve by tuning into the Dyslexia Mom Life Podcast each and every week. 

Before I share the 3 areas, I am going to pull back the curtain on how it all started.   It was the summer of 2020 and we had just finished the school year during a pandemic.  That was a new experience for everyone, especially parents!  At the time, I was writing blog posts for my Dyslexia Mom Life website when I realized how much I was enjoying listening to podcasts.  I felt inspired to take action and have a real connection with the podcast hosts.  I also realized that many of the moms who were struggling with parenting a child who was struggling with dyslexia or another language-based difference were busy doing all the things not to mention she may not have the time or interest in reading a blog.  That was my aha moment.  I told my husband, Chris, I want to start a podcast!  I don’t think he has ever been so excited about an idea I had before. 

On June 28, 2020, I hit record and created the podcast you are listening to today.   Now in 2023, I am still passionate about dyslexia and helping moms do “all the things: with confidence.  Let’s talk about what you can expect from this podcast.


Dyslexia Mom Life will continue to focus on all things dyslexia and related to dyslexia.  I love sharing conversations with experts on dyslexia and dyslexia-related struggles.  But what I love even more than the conversations is bringing you tips and strategies for parenting your child with dyslexia.   


Another area that I am just as passionate about is personal development.  If I am not reading and learning about dyslexia, then I am reading and learning about ways to improve productivity, implementing self-care routines, and figuring out how to blend my day that includes motherhood, spouse, daughter, podcasting, and practicing law.  I love to share tips on simplifying the parenting journey.  


One of my absolute favorite things to do is to connect with other moms.  We all have such unique families and experiences, while still having so much in common when raising children with dyslexia.  

When coaching and collaborating with moms raising children with dyslexia, there are two things  I hear most frequently: (1) I don’t understand dyslexia and what it means for my child and (2) I feel so alone.  Guess what?  Both of these are normal, expected, and part of the journey.

Together, we are going to spend 2023 learning about dyslexia in a way that is simple and easy to understand.  And, I have something special planned for you and our community in 2023.  For now, you can connect with other moms in our private Facebook community, The Dyslexia Mom Life Podcast Community, and connect with me through the weekly newsletter I send via email.  If you are not already subscribed to the email, you can go to www.dyslexiamomlife.com to subscribe today.  I share links to the weekly podcasts and additional resources and content through the weekly newsletter.   

Throughout the year, you’ll learn ways to be more confident in parenting your dyslexic child, find daily balance as a mom, and create real connections with other moms who get it! 


Did you get a copy of our free Dyslexia?!? Now What?, A Beginner’s Guide yet?  Grab your copy today! 

Remember, You Got This!  You are not alone!

If you want to join other amazing moms raising children with dyslexia, join the Dyslexia Mom Life Podcast Community FB Group.  It’s a safe space to connect with other moms, podcast guests, and Nicole.

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