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When you are raising a strong-willed child, it can feel challenging and reactive. Are you tired and exhausted from always reacting to your child’s misbehavior? Not to mention that it is not working. Right? Today’s episode will provide the why and how to parenting strong-willed children.

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Wendy Snyder has two children and has been using Positive Parenting in her home since 2009. She discovered the work of Positive Parenting when she was challenged and overwhelmed with the many trials of parenthood early in her motherhood experience. The endless opportunities for practice, failure, learning, and growth have created a deep fluency for Wendy in the language and curriculum of Redirecting Children’s Behavior.

Wendy obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from San Diego State University and Parenting Certification from the International Network for Children & Families. Before her move to parenting education, Wendy enjoyed a decade-long career in the corporate action sports industry.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • What is “positive parenting”
  • The 4 categories of misbehavior
  • Your child’s “needs”
  • Classic 4 responses to misbehavior
  • The term power kids (a.k.a. cactus kids)
  • Seeking to understand
  • About power surges and the power surge stages
  • Why you should celebrate failures
  • Family Meetings

Family Meetings

Wendy and I talk about creating a weekly family meeting. It’s a fun way to dedicated time with your family that leads to connection. Family meetings are a safe place to discuss the upcoming week and family agreements (not compliance statements). Need help to get started? Grab a copy of the free eBook, Family Meetings: Everything You Need to Know to Start a Family Meeting with Your Family. As a bonus, I will add you to my exclusive email club. (Every Monday you will receive a short email about the latest Dyslexia Mom Life episode and resources.)

5 day Positive parenting challenge with wendy

Wendy is offering a FREE 5 Day Parenting Challenge the week of January 25, 2021. This challenge will teach you how to use practical positive parenting tools to create cooperation, build self-esteem & strengthen relationships from birth to adulthood. With a daily (short) video lesson and Wendy’s LIVE sessions in her private Facebook group, Wendy will teach caretakers of all kinds how to gain the ability to re-frame challenges, address feelings compassionately, set limits, & understand children’s misbehavior in order to tailor their discipline more effectively.

Sign up for the 5 Day Parenting Challenge at Wendy’s website, https://freshstartfamilyonline.com/


Do you want to learn how to connect and understand your child better? What about creating positive relationships with your children that continue into their adulthood (that benefits future generations)?

Connect with Wendy online, via Instagram @freshstartwendy, and Facebook @freshstartfamily. Tune in to her Fresh Start Family Show (podcast) that she co-hosts with her husband, Terry, for more positive parenting and to strengthen your family.

You can grab her free guide to raising strong-willed kids with integrity HERE and register for her free Power Struggles Online Master Class HERE.

Wendy offers courses and workshops to help get you started on your positive parenting journey – Foundation Course, Firm and Kind Parenting Blueprint Workshop, and Overcoming Parenting Default Mode Masterclass.


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