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Dyslexic voices is a series that features the superpowers of adults with dyslexia. I enjoy meeting these amazing adults and sharing their dyslexia stories with you. Dr. Drennan’s journey will inspire you and open your mind to what’s possible for your amazing kiddos. Our kids have a bright future.

Dr. Catherine Drennan has an undergraduate degree in chemistry from Vassar College and her doctorate degree from the University of Michigan.

“There is no dyslexia ceiling. It doesn’t exist.” – Catherine Drennan

Dr. Drennan struggled to learn to read through sixth grade. She was in remedial classes and even had to repeat a grade. She learned to read by teaching herself. Want to know how? Listen to the interview to find out how Dr. Drennan taught herself to read in sixth grade by using her strengths. Once Dr. Drennan was able to figure out how to teach herself to read, her world started to change. She not only graduated high school at the top of her class, but she went to Vassar College earning a degree in chemistry. Dr. Drennan did not tell the professors at Vassar that she was dyslexic. She was determined to do well without the label of dyslexia.

Dr. Drennan attended graduate school at the University of Michigan. While in graduate school, she thrived with the support of a few key professors. The opportunities at the University of Michigan would soon place her in the path of MIT, although Dr. Drennan never dreamed to apply to teach at MIT.

Today, Dr. Drennan has been on the faculty at MIT for over 20 years. Her work in chemistry is not only a passion for her but also a strength because of how her brain thinks and visualizes her work. Dr. Drennan encourages students to follow their passions and not give up on themselves.

Videos of Dr. Cathy Drennan

I love Dr. Drennan’s passion for her work and sharing her dyslexia story. Her story is an inspiration to moms and their children struggling with dyslexia. You got this!!


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