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Talk about dyslexia with confidence. Sharing with your child, your child’s school, and your family what it really means to be dyslexic.

Talk with confidence

Build a thriving relationship with your dyslexic child.

Build relationships

Embrace a growth mindset for you and the way you parent your child with dyslexia. 

Embrace growth

Here are a few things that I have learned:

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Join Our Community

Don’t worry, the dyslexia community is very supportive.

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TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS | STITCHER | SPOTIFY When you learn your child is dyslexic, you may feel lost and not know where to go for advice. That is one bright spot about dyslexia – the dyslexia community. You can find support from local moms who are walking the dyslexia parenting journey or reach out […]

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TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS | STITCHER | SPOTIFY Christin and Abby are two moms also on the dyslexia parenting journey who know it can be hard but are willing to do what it takes to preserve the hope, confidence, and giftedness of the world changers we are raising. Dyslexia Together helps families make connections around […]


TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS | STITCHER | SPOTIFY When we expect our kids to make mistakes, we open the door to greatness. We learn so much from what does not work as we do from what does work. But, when you focus only on your child’s weaknesses, they do too. Dyslexic children often feel defeated […]


TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS | STITCHER | SPOTIFY What would our world be like without a light bulb, phone, cellphone, car, an airplane? What you might not know is that all of these inventions were made possible by dyslexic inventors and dyslexic thinking. 5 Greatest Inventions Made By Dyslexics Light Bulb, Thomas Edison Car, Henry […]


TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS | STITCHER | SPOTIFY When traveling, your kids ask “are we there yet” frequently. You may not even be out of the subdivision when the kids start asking how much longer until we get there. You may feel the same way when you are remediating your child’s dyslexia. Are we done […]


TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS | STITCHER | SPOTIFY When it comes to teaching your dyslexic child to read, you may have doubts along the way if the reading program the school is using really works, if the tutor is trained in the best approaches to teach reading, or whether the reading program you are using […]


Hey, I’m Nicole. Thanks for visiting Dyslexia Mom Life. Welcome to our community of moms supporting each other through raising children with dyslexia while finding a path to happiness.

I am the author, creator, and Mom behind Dyslexia Mom Life. We learned our daughter was dyslexic when she was in first grade. I am passionate about helping moms raise healthy, happy, and thriving dyslexic sons and daughters. Moms find me when their son or daughter is first diagnosed with dyslexia and are struggling to make sense of this new world and when they are struggling with the daily grind of raising dyslexic children. Together we laugh, cry, and figure out how to live each day intentionally.

Hi, I'm Nicole

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My super power is helping parents become the best version of themselves while pursuing strategies and action steps to help their child with dyslexia thrive.

Dyslexia is what some call an invisible disability. Your family, friends, and neighbors will not see the learning difference of dyslexia. Many people will not understand your daily struggles and say things like, read to your child more or she should study more or try harder in school. Most are well-meaning comments, but they are also inaccurate and many times hurtful. Your child’s brain literally processes language differently from everyone else. Guess what? That is not a bad thing. Your child’s dyslexic brain will help her do amazing things, if you help her to believe that she can do anything. Help her to see who she will become in the future.   

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"What a big heart Nicole has! She thoughtfully curates her guests to have a broad range of topics to better serve the Dyslexia Mom Community. You can tell this is a passion business and she really wants to help other dyslexia moms figure it all out. If you are mothering a dyslexic child, listening is time well spent!"

Five Stars

- Jen Woodward, Dyslexia Mind Mastery

"I can't recommend Dyslexia Mom Life podcast enough. I look forward to it every week. Parents of children with dyslexia need to share success stories, share what helps their children, and encourage one another. This podcast does all of these!"

Five Stars

- Andra Harris

"It has been a pleasure to listen to several of Nicole Holcomb's podcasts. They are rich with information and highly engaging. Nicole's interview style is excellent. Not only does she ask great questions she also contributes her own experiences to the conversation. I highly recommend Nicole's podcast to parents, educators, and clinicians everywhere!"

Five Stars

- Daniel Franklin, PhD,  Franklin Educational Services

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